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Ensuring compliance with our ISO accreditations

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We are members of the British Safety Council, and are accredited to SAFE contractor and Contractor Plus levels.

These memberships aid us in ensuring that we are compliant with many key safe working principles. This certification confirms our commitment to staff safety and provides documented evidence to clients of safe working practices and Duty of Care compliance on their premises.

Some of the core issues that we face on a daily basis have been summarised below.

Window Cleaning

Working at height from cradles or access platforms - Mitigated by correct training, Risk Assessment, PPE and regular inspection from managers.

Working near the public - Mitigated by the correct use of signage and barriers, working out of hours and training, PPE and effective supervision.

Daily Cleaning

Use of chemicals - mitigated by stringent ROSPA approved induction training, Risk assessment, PPE and close supervision. In addition, chemicals are removed from the majority of our sites through the introduction of effective microfibre cleaning systems.

Use of electrical equipment - Dangers arise to members of staff and other users of the areas of cleaning from trailing cables - electrocution and exposure to dust - We mitigate through training, RAMS and the use of battery equipment, for example on stairs, to prevent trailing cable issues.

General Welfare

Risks can be faced by cleaners through the general length of their working day, CCM always ensure that our cleaners work a sensible number of hours and work to ensure that particularly our full time staff can earn a living wage from one job, without the need to have to work additional evening jobs to earn a living wage.

Management of Health and Safety Issues

CCM’s managers conduct routine audit inspections reporting any anomalies or issues directly and these audits that are contained in the Monthly Management Reports for our clients and site inspections by our subcontracted partners and playing a vital role in helping CCM to maintain our high standards in all that we do and ensuring compliance with our ISO accreditations. Our subcontracted partners are also issued with Supplier Evaluation Forms that regularly review their competencies in all areas including Health & Safety performance.

Managing Health & Safety in the Field

One of our prime objectives is the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment for our clients, working in full compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and training all our employees to understand and accept their responsibility in all safety matters.

We undertake a planned approach to the protection of everyone on the premises and those of our clients and operate a detailed induction programme where we take employees through a series of steps from learning about our Company, health and safety, task methodology, to specific training on equipment.

We have a number of certified training programmes such as BICSc, COSHH and risk assessment and carry out regular reviews to identify and implement any new training requirements. In addition, our Risk Management Advisor (HSQE) is responsible for conducting spot HSE inspections and for preparing any Company risk assessments that may be required in addition to the submissions from all our subcontractors. Senior management also conduct safety reviews to ensure safety is at the core of our business with Safety Appraisals and simple techniques such as creating internal and external meeting agendas starting with a review on safety issues, near misses and accident statistics.

Our culture is to permit a simplified but measured, flowing approach to risk matters at work whilst remaining aware of not using safety aspects either disproportionately or to disrupt the service. Our policy is to identify any relevant safety risks at the soonest possible opportunity and continually revise this policy but also to provide alternative solutions and controlled risk assessments.

CCM manages the risks to our staff in a professional and sensible way ensuring that all tasks are undertaken effectively with the least possible risk to our teams.

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