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May 2017
A special thank you

A special thank you

CCM like to reward staff for their good work, especially when our clients have taken the effort and time to write to us, to say how fantastic our staff have worked.

he head office at CCM received an email from our client, who wanted us to recognise the hard work of Alejandra. Alejandra worked over night for an event as well as the following day AND weekend. She was recognised for managing the team effectively whilst also covering for her supervisor who was helping at another site, ensuring that the building was up to a great standard. The client wanted us to nominate Alejandra to receive an additional bonus for all her efforts for her good work. Alejandra will receive a £100 award for her efforts.

Well done to Alejandra!

Dani and her team are congratulated

"The Cleanest Building in the World"

We always welcome feedback from our clients, and we are particular pleased when we receive positive feedback because it confirms that we are doing a good job.

Recently, CCM received a spectacular review from one of our clients, WeWork at their offices in Moorgate. It was quoted by our client that "Moorgate has never looked better and in my view it’s the cleanest building in the world." It goes without saying that hard work does pay off. In particular, WeWork highlighted the role of Dani as being the ‘special formula’ for achieving such excellent standards. Dani manages the day-to-day up keep of Moorgate, which is recognised as the largest co-working space in the world with over 3,000+ people working there daily.

This is brilliant feedback from WeWork and we would like to congratulate Dani and her team. As a special thank you from CCM, Dani will be receiving a £100 voucher as a reward for her outstanding work (as part of CCM’s monthly incentive award scheme).

Wider Wallet offers for CCM employees

Let the adventure begin

CCM offer a range of different benefits to staff. One such incentive given to every CCM employee when they start is having access to Wider Wallet. Wider Wallet offers privileged access to tempting package of discounts in leisure and retail, all designed to make your money stretch further. These discounts are generated on a monthly basis. Each month Wider Wallet provides CCM employees with a different array of discounts ranging from high street vouchers (such as Marks & Spencer/John Lewis) to holiday vouchers (including Marriot hotels, and Merlin annual passes).

The benefits of Wider Wallet to CCM employees are the following:

  • Permanent discounts for everyday savings
  • Local, national and seasonal offers
  • A wide range of better-than-public deals

The WeWork premises

CCM help to ‘secure’ WeWork premises

CCM will always go out of their way to accommodate our clients as best we can, even when our clients have unusual requests. Such a request was made to CCM from WeWork, who are one of our biggest clients. WeWork made a request to CCM, to help them to install bomb proof glass due to a recent attempt to break into WeWork offices in Old Street. It is not often that CCM is asked to engage in MI6 work!

Security in London is paramount for many companies especially for WeWork, a company who service offices to different businesses and are responsible for the security for their client’s property. So, this is why WeWork decided to install bomb proof glass as well as reinforcing the glass edges, to stop the entire pane falling in at their building at Old Street. CCM was praised for supporting WeWork to help secure their premises.

Here are some facts on why bomb proof glass is a better preventative mechanism against an intruder.

  • With the bomb proof glass installation, it would take intruders at least 10 minutes to gain access compared to 30 seconds without it
  • The way the bomb proof glass works is that when broken the glass does not shatter and only creates large holes remaining intact, so thus making it hard for an intruder to physically enter through, and injuring them if they try to enter
  • An intruder would have to expend a lot of effort and energy to gain access through bomb proof glass

April 2017
A job well done

A Job Well Done

Recently in March, Marcin was recognised for his good work at Buckingham Palace Road site, in particular for his attention to detail and his commitment to carrying out the site manager role. Additionally, we have received three more recognition emails of our staff from our clients in the month of March.

First, we received an email from our client Price Forbes & Partners Ltd about Germain. Germain was praised for his ability to take on a handyman function, at a drop of a hat. He was diligent and thorough in assisting the client.

Second, we received an email from another client CBRE for the good work done by Tatiana. Tatiana was recognised by our client for being a great member of the building cleaning team. She was praised for being really proactive and helpful.

Thirdly, we received an email of gratitude about Sara from another client Veolia. Sara was complimented for being cheerful, assisting with requests, being flexible, and stepping into help the housekeeping team at short notice. Furthermore, she was also praised for maintaining a professional attitude.

All three of our staff recognised for their good work have been awarded with a £100 voucher. Good job!

More promotions at CCM

Another CCM promotion

Recently, Lyndsey Cobbing was promoted from Window Cleaning Co-ordinator to Area Supervisor. This is testament that CCM value our staff and when good work is done, it really is recognised.

Following her promotion, Yennifer Cespedes was also promoted. Yennifer has been working with CCM for the last 2 years as a Site Supervisor. She was recognised by Ronald for her good work and was thus promoted to Area Supervisor. She will be working closely with Ronald who manages a multiple of large contracts. Previously, Yennifer spent all her time on Site. Now Yennifer will be joining the Team at CCM’s head office as part of her role. Welcome to CCM’s Head Office, Yennifer!

A new member of the sales team

New to the Sales Team

Haroon Butt, known as Harry joined CCM on 27th March with the Sales Team as a Business Development Executive. Harry’s role is to re-focus and concentrate our Telesales efforts calling potential/prospective clients daily, to identify new business & tender opportunities throughout central London, for CCM to submit cleaning proposals.

He will also undertake regular customer prospecting and “information gathering” to targeted sectors of central London to promote CCM. Harry has a vast amount of telesales experience and he was excited about coming on board with us.

Welcome to the CCM Team, Harry!

Red Nose Day 2017

Cake selling

It is not all work and no play for some of our cleaning operatives as client’s often like to get our staff involved in various activities. A prime example of this was one of our cleaning operatives, Ricardo Romero’s support in selling cakes on Red Nose Day for one of our biggest client’s CBRE.

Red Nose Day this year was on Friday, 24th March. For those who don’t know, Red Nose Day is a campaign launched once in every two years by Comic Relief, a charity aiming to tackle the root causes of injustices and poverty. Many businesses are involved in different fundraising activities to raise awareness and money for Comic Relief. Above is a photo of Ricardo on the left and our CBRE client on the right. Obviously from the picture it looks like they had a lot of fun selling Lola’s cupcakes.

We love the outfits guys, but where are your Red Noses?

March 2017
Mobile phone whilst driving

Mobile Phones – just don’t use them whilst driving

Many of our Managers at CCM have a company car to enable them to drive to the sites they manage. But, operating a car comes with responsibility. Those using a CCM company car should thus, take note to the government’s recent introduction of tougher penalties for drivers using handheld mobile phones whilst driving. One such increased penalty is that if you are a newly qualified driver, if caught using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving, would result in you automatically losing your licence. For those not newly qualified, of which encompass the majority of CCM employees who drive a company car, if caught using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving, penalties have increased double-fold to losing six points from your license and been fined £200.

So, what does that mean for our CCM employees who drive a company car? First, never use your mobile phone whilst driving! To put it simply, safety should never be compromised - that text can wait until you reach your destination. The higher penalties should act as a greater deterrent to using mobile phones, but it also elevates the act of using a mobile phone as a graver crime. Thus, if CCM employees are caught using a mobile phone whilst driving, they compromise safety and this looks bad on CCM. CCM puts trust in their employees to drive company cars safely and responsibly, so those entrusted with company cars, drive safely and don’t let CCM down!

Outstanding Results Certificate

A Show of Appreciation

CCM invests in our most valued asset, our people, and as part of our appreciation to our staff for good work, each month CCM rewards those members of staff who demonstrate exceptional service where they have worked above and beyond the call of duty. In order for our staff to be awarded with our monthly prize for great work, our clients must write to CCM’s head office to tell us that they have been particulary pleased with the work of our member of staff. Each month we review the nominations made and make a decision, as to who we will present the monthly award to, either an individual or a group of individuals. The certificate is issued to the awarded member of staff(s) and the Operations Director from CCM, Darren Hawkins presents the award to the successful candidate. After a decision has been made, the awarded candidate is included in an article which is published online on our website, which then gets distrubed in a newsletter to clients and our CCM community.

This month, March 2017 the award goes to Marcin Kowalik who achieved outstanding results in his work. Marcin will receive a £100 voucher for Marks & Spencers. Well done to Marcin!

So if you are reading this and you are our client please ensure that you do write to our head office to ensure that our staff our fully recognised and awarded for their hard efforts.

A note on Training Audits

A note on Training Audits

CCM value excellency and aim to deliver a top class service to our clients. To prove to our clients that we have a good quality service, we commit to annual audits of our training process. We have successfully completed and passed our training audit for this year until end of 2017/beginning 2018.

We are currently approved trainers by British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) and the British Safety Council. Our training methods are reviewed and tested annually by BICSc ensuring that we achieve membership and are certified safe trainers. We therefore can train all our cleaning operatives to their standards.

Furthermore, Hector Hernandez our Compliance and Safety Manager, together with the Window Cleaning Manager, David Jolley and his team have successfully completed the working at heights course, which is an approved training course by RoSPA. What does this mean for our clients? They can be ensured that we offer the best and safest possible training to all our cleaning operatives to deliver a great service.

The Day Team at Aldgate Tower

A big well done to the Day Team at Aldgate Tower

A huge congratulations to the CCM day team at Aldgate Tower (WeWork) who have been recently recognised by our client as demonstrating consistent ability to work above and beyond to ensure an incredible service.

On one of the many instances of the team going above and beyond, the team offered a helping hand even if their shift had ended. The team consists of Carlos Quintero (Supervisor), Laura Ramirez and Miguel Carranzea. Each team member received a voucher by the WeWork account manager, Evaldas Biecius to reward their hard efforts.

Our client was incredibly pleased with their hard work and especially mentioned Miguel for helping them decorate for their first Birthday Party. Continue the good work CCM Aldgate Tower Team!

Darren Hawkins (CCM’s Operations Director) with Gosia Golebiowska

Buckingham Palace Road Award

We value our staff at CCM, and we like to make special recognitions for those who work above and beyond their roles.

This time we would like to provide recognition for hard efforts of Gosia Golebiowska who works at our prestigious contract at Buckingham Palace Road.

The client’s feedback on Gosia was not only that she was highly meticulous when conducting her duties, but also her interaction with everyone around the Estate was of a high standard.

Darren Hawkins, CCM’s Operations Director presented Gosia with a voucher and thanked her for all her hard work.

February 2017

A Job Well Done

People are very quick to make comment if things don’t go so well, so it always makes our day when we receive comments like these from our clients.

"Paula has high organisational skills and goes the extra mile to meet our expectations. For example, Paula made an Instructions Manual Document to handle the coffee machines which has been praised by our Coffee Supplier and implemented in other offices. Honesty, trustworthy, and commitment are among her main qualities and I can only hope to keep Paula on the team for as long as she wants."

Paula started with when CCM took over the contract and has proved to be a key part of the Housekeeping team for her hard work and professionalism. Well done Paula, and thank you!

January 2017
Victoria Place

Be Aware ... Victoria Place Shopping Centre

Everyone is very aware of the many threats that are present in our everyday lives in London, it can just take one small unreported incident, however minor it may seem, to become the next terrorist generated tragedy.

We would like to thank Rodrigo for using his initiative and reporting an incident of potential hostile reconnaissance being carried out at Victoria Place Shopping Centre. Rodrigo was approached by a male asking questions such as opening times, busy periods etc. He reported this through to Security, who in turn reported it to the British Transport Police. The feedback we had from them was that they are taking the matter very seriously and this was being looked into further by their Counter Terrorism teams. We have rewarded Rodrigo with a token of our appreciation, for applying good judgement and alerting the police.

Well done Rodrigo, keep alert.

Marks and Clerk LLP

A New Contract Win with Marks and Clerk LLP

CCM are delighted to welcome Marks and Clark LLP as one of our new customers, based in the highly prestigious 90 Long Acre building where CCM currently carry out the cleaning to the common areas.

Marks and Clerk LLP is an international law firm specialising in intellectual property and patent services, CCM have been tasked with providing both daily office cleaning and support services to ensure the smooth operation of the offices.

November 2016
Sales Support Manager, Margaret O’Leary

New to the Team - Sales Support Manager

We would like to give a warm welcome to one of our newest member of the Team at CCM headquarters, Margaret O’Leary who has just joined us in November as the new Sales Support Manager.

She previously worked at DeVono Property Limited, property commercial advisors in the Project Management Team where she was working as a Project Administrator. We hope her experience in both residential and commercial property as well as her legal academic background will give her a good basis for the work in the sales team.

Welcome to the CCM Team Margaret!


Staff recognition award – Team at Aldgate Tower

And another staff incentive award at Aldgate Tower at the WeWork site!

This time the award goes to Caroline a highly valued member of the night team.

WeWork had some excellent feedback from Everycity (5004), for a job done well done by Caroline, she worked above and beyond to make sure everything was just right with their office deep clean.

Well done Caroline and thank you!

Table tennis at our Head Office

A better place to work

As everyone knows stress is a killer, last year stress accounted for 37% of all ill health at work throughout the UK.

The wellbeing of our team is high on our list of priorities at CCM and occupational health keeps people well at work – physically and mentally, so to help reduce stress and keep people active we have provided table tennis in our courtyard at our head office.

The table has been well used over the summer months with many of the team showing very competitive tendencies!! This has continued to develop with talk of a league being created so watch this space ...

The Mermaid

Contract Win - Mermaid Offices Limited

CCM is delighted to announce our new contract win with Halkin Management Limited. Halkin have recently taken over as the managing agent for the five floors of versatile office space, overlooking the Thames river from above The Mermaid, a fantastic landmark events venue based in Blackfriars which plays host to seminars, conferences, after premier parties AGMs, product launches staff meetings and more.

Halkin Management Limited are workspace specialists with office spaces in various locations, providing a full range of flexible office solutions which are tailored to suit the need of your business.

A CCM team headed by Ronal Alvarez will be providing the cleaning services 5 days a week to Mermaid house, delivering a clean, safe, environmentally-friendly and 5 star customer service for this impressive building.

Carlos & Jose

Staff Recognition Reward – Carlos & Jose

Here at CCM, we love to hear when our staff go above and beyond the call of duty and actively encourage this behaviour by rewarding our staff for jobs well done. Recently we received the recommendation below for the Staff Recognition Reward for Carlos and Jose from one of our clients in Berkeley Square, W1, which resulted in both team members receiving £50 vouchers.

Our client said:
"Carlos, has been with us for several years now, he was originally a cleaner who took over the supervisory role for our offices. He has consistently carried out an exceptional job here and does not falter. No task is too much and is always looking to help out in other tasks that he need not apply himself to. Always smiling, and never shirks a task no matter how tedious!"

Congratulations Carlos and Jose and keep up the good work, it’s very much appreciated.

CBRE South Bank

CBRE South Bank Central Tower Launch

Having been awarded the cleaning contract for South Bank Central Tower which is a redevelopment of a former office building in Southwark, London SE1. CCM is delighted to announce that all the hard work and effort by or cleaning teams has paid off.

CBRE was appointed to manage 220,000 sq ft of office space in 2014 and CCM won the contract for cleaning and maintenance services in September 2015.

Here’s the glowing thanks our team received from CBRE!:

"You will be pleased to know that l have received an email from the landlord thanking everyone for the efforts in the launch of South Bank Central yesterday. The landlord has mentioned that he has received positive feedback from many parties and that we should all feel very satisfied with ourselves for delivering a first class launch which was pretty much faultless."

"Those guests attending the event would not be aware of the prodigious efforts from the teams on site, the long weekends and days getting our building to the level needed that we received these positive comments from our client and guests."

"With this, may l thank you all."

Anna Ospina

Staff Recognition Reward – Anna Ospina

CCM is delighted to present an award to Anna for ensuring a smooth staffing change over and raising the cleaning standards at one of our clients in Haymarket. Anna has made a real difference to the operation of the cleaning regime on site resulting in a commendation email from our client where he says

"I’d just like to take this opportunity to make you aware of how happy we are with the smooth transition to evening" ... "Many areas have seen an improvement as well as a remarkable change in the atmosphere/attitude of the evening team" ... "People are working well and seem to be happy at the same time so I’d like to take this opportunity to nominate Anna for the employee of the month award".

Well done Anna and thank you for all your hard work!

October 2016
Aldgate Team at WeWork

Staff Recognition Award - Aldgate Team

CCm had some fantastc feedback on our team at WeWork Aldgate Tower resulting in 3 Staff Recognition Award nominations and wins!

Here’s the glowing nomination email received from WeWork:

"To All Of You,
I wanted to send another email to express our gratitude for having the best, funniest, most hard-working, honest CCM team ever.
Laura has become a part of the family on 5th floor. Her relationship with our members is amazing. She knows almost the whole floor by name and gets involved with the community team as one of us. She is always the first to make sure everyone gets a birthday card/cake, she keeps the boys in check at all times and is truly an asset to this team. Her age is shocking to us all as she is so mature and unbelievably good at her job. There is nothing I wouldn't trust her with and she has become like a sister to us girls!
Miguel is an absolute super star. The building would never be the same without him. Since having his baby girl especially his mood has been unshakable. He is a ray of sunshine walking around this building. Members constantly send compliments about him, he gets sooo involved at every happy hour even dressing up and staying late to mingle with his friends (who are the members on 6th!). I love seeing him in the mornings, as does the team.
***You already know how I feel about Carlos - The biggest legend of all time......
Aldgate is such a family and it is because of CCM that we get through most days stress-free and having fun! I speak for the entire community team when I thank you for giving us 3 unbelievably fantastic support staff members.
I hope that you receive this email well and that they are constantly reminded by CCM how valuable they are to the company, as they are super special to us!!
All the best"

Thank you and well done to all of you!

Kitty Hawk

New Contract Win – Kitty Hawk

The Kitty Hawk is a NEW FANTASTIC VENUE coming to the city in November 2016 and CCM have been chosen as it’s cleaning service partner. The restaurant is one of The biggest openings of Eating and Drinking Space this year! This 15000 Sq. Ft 'department store of dining' will have a fine dining grill restaurant, New York style bar, deli, patisserie and coffee shop and an all-day dining area open from 7am until Midnight in the heart of Finsbury Circus, London.

CCM will be providing services 6 days per week to ensure the restaurant’s clients enjoy the finest cuisine in the best possible environment, our teams will be working early in the mornings to ensure everything is ready for the 7am opening time.

Good luck to Ronald and his team who have the responsibility of making everything happen for the big launch.

CCM Annual Summer BBQ - 2016

CCM Annual Summer BBQ - 2016

August brought around the time for our annual CCM Team BBQ. All of our cleaners, Supervisors and Managers are invited to the day, with food, drink, music and even a little dancing to be had.

A huge thank you to all who made it and special thanks going out to Lyndsey Cobbing and Ewa Walenga for organising and setting up, Hector Hernandez, John Johal and Saulius Balbuckas who all took a turn on the BBQ, Bianca Coman and Sasha Gayle for clearing up, Robert Young for entertaining us with quizzes and of course a big thanks to all the Directors for making it happen.

I was a great opportunity for all the team to let their hair down and enjoy good food and company.

Best prize went to Carlos Lopez-Rosse (lower, centre pic) for guessing what the prize was by answering the question: What is the CCM team? The answer was of course "Magic" as was the name of the CD Carlos won.

We’re now all very much looking forward to next year’s BBQ!

CCM Annual Summer BBQ - 2016
Pablo Gonzales

Staff Recognition Reward – Pablo Gonzales

Office moves can be a stressful and complicated, but you can always rely on the CCM team to help things go as smoothly as possible.
Here’s what WeWork Southbank had to say about Pablo aka Henry, earning him a Staff recognition Reward:

"Hi Evaldas,
I just wanted to reiterate our thanks to the night team and especially to Henry who helped to make this month's MIMO very smooth.
We had a large company moving out with multiple spaces and with the team coming in early yesterday and then again this morning, we were able to get everything cleaned and reset ahead of new and current members moving in. Henry always goes above and beyond to help us out - rushing over from home for late requests and ensuring his team deliver the best results possible,
Can you put him forward for your monthly awards?

Well done Pablo and keep up the good work!

Health & Safety Accreditations

Health and Safety corner - Accreditations

We at CCM are pleased to announce that, once again, we have passed our accreditation audits and have been awarded our certificates in ISO 9001, 14001, OHASA 18001 and RoSPA.

Robert Young, Commercial Director and Hector Hernandez, Safety & Compliance Manager, have been working with dedication to ensure CCM’s Quality Management systems, Environmental Management Systems, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems continue to meet an internationally approved standard and by getting re-certified in RoSPA, CCM continues to teach staff using RoSPA approved Health & Safety Training.

This is a really important step for everyone at CCM as it helps to ensure the Health, Safety, Quality and environmental effects of our business and that we have a clear management strategy in place.

Other Staff Recognition winners

Staff Recognition Awards

Other recent winners of the Staff Recognition Awards were:

  • Phelipe Garnica Alvaro at WeWork Devonshire Square for taking "great pride in his work"
  • Ausrine Vitkauskaite, Erzebeth Banyai and Steven Balanta Lopez at WeWork Paddington for their help and hard work with the CVCP move

Well done ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for your outstanding contributions to the team!

Also a special mention goes out to Austrine and Tangarife Andres!
Austrine gave her voucher to Tangarife and told him that she thought that he deserved it more than she did. That's the kind of heart and team spirit we love to see at CCM!

Austrine and Tangarife Andres
September 2016
Daniel Gomes

Staff Recognition Reward - Daniel Gomes

We at CCM love hearing of instances when our staff have gone above and beyond. Earlier this month we received a Staff Recognition Reward nomination for Daniel Gomes at WeWork Soho.
Here’s what our client had to say about Daniel:

"I just wanted to pass on that your colleague Daniel Gomes was SUCH a great help a couple of weeks ago when myself and Jess (from Badoo) were struggling with a very large, very heavy leather sofa that we were trying to navigate into a van out the back of Medius House. Without being asked, Daniel came to the rescue and was incredibly kind and polite with it, so we just wanted to pass on our gratitude.
Many thanks"

To show our appreciation for Daniel going out of his way to help someone in need, we have awarded £50 of vouchers as a thank you.

Well done Daniel!

Andres Carabali with his IOSH Certficate

IOSH Certificate – Andres

Huge congratulations to Andres Carabali for gaining his IOSH certification!
IOSH stands for The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and is a British organisation for health and safety professionals

The Working safely Certificate shows how everyone can make a difference to their own wellbeing and that of others through everyday behaviours including:

  • Defining hazard and risk
  • Identifying common hazards
  • Improving safety performance
  • Protecting our environment

Well Done Andres!

Aldgate Team

Staff Recognition Award - Aldgate Team

CCM had some fantastc feedback on our team at WeWork Aldgate Tower resulting in 3 Staff Recognition Award nominations and wins!

Here’s the glowing nomination email received from WeWork:

"To all of you,
I wanted to send another email to express our gratitude for having the best, funniest, most hard-working, honest CCM team ever.
Laura has become a part of the family on 5th floor. Her relationship with our members is amazing. She knows almost the whole floor by name and gets involved with the community team as one of us. She is always the first to make sure everyone gets a birthday card/cake, she keeps the boys in check at all times and is truly an asset to this team. Her age is shocking to us all as she is so mature and unbelievably good at her job. There is nothing I wouldn't trust her with and she has become like a sister to us girls!
Miguel is an absolute super star. The building would never be the same without him. Since having his baby girl especially his mood has been unshakable. He is a ray of sunshine walking around this building. Members constantly send compliments about him, he gets sooo involved at every happy hour even dressing up and staying late to mingle with his friends (who are the members on 6th!). I love seeing him in the mornings, as does the team.
You already know how I feel about Carlos - The biggest legend of all time......
Aldgate is such a family and it is because of CCM that we get through most days stress-free and having fun! I speak for the entire community team when I thank you for giving us 3 unbelievably fantastic support staff members.
I hope that you receive this email well and that they are constantly reminded by CCM how valuable they are to the company, as they are super special to us!!
All the best"

Thank you and well done to all of you!

Staff Recognition Reward winner – Kelly Carvajal

Staff Recognition Reward – Kelly Carvajal

Kelly recently had some lovely feedback from WeWork in Spitalfields, praising her for her hard work and dedication.

WeWork said:

"Hi Evaldas,
I wanted to send you this member's feedback on Kelly (see picture). This is something we hear every day, and is something I can't whole heartedly echo.
She is absolutely key to the experience for both members and us, and makes our work and day much easier through her unfaltering positivity and hard work.
I really hope you pass this on and let her know how much we appreciate and value her"

Thank you Kelly for going the extra mile!

August 2016

The Safety Corner

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you will probably have heard of Pokemon Go, a global phenomenon spawned from the swapping cards and cartoon of the 90’s which has now evolved (see what I did there?) into an interactive app/game estimated to have 75 million downloads across the globe, as of the end of July 2016 and is getting people out and about walking (instead of eating greasy bacon sandwiches in the café at lunch like me), discovering new places and striking up conversations with other Pokemon hunters all over the place (I know my teenage son has never spoken to or willingly hung out with me so much!).

Unfortunately, as with any craze it does come with its downsides including Health & Safety aspects. So far there have been reports of people falling off cliffs, getting stuck in the sea because the tide came in, people being mugged at knife-point for their phones, youths on railways, children being lured away from their parents by strangers, drivers stopping on highways and motorways and even people wandering too close to possible mine fields in Bosnia!

Our opinion at CCM is that it seems to be a bit like Marmite – You either love it or hate it but whether you’re the Grinch type, rolling in your eyes in exasperation at the “Sad adults trying to recapture their youth” or one of the Pokemon fanatics that gave up their job to hunt Pokemon full time or if you’re somewhere in between, our message is to STAY SAFE and keep your eyes peeled (and not just for Pokemon)!

Pay attention to your surroundings at all times and understand that your visible gadgets could draw the attention of unsavoury criminals. If you have children, be very aware of where they are at all times as they could be tempted to wander further away to catch that elusive one.

Even if you don’t play… watch out for people that do. I’ve seen a few people bump into others or step out into the road due to all their attention being on their screen.

As my Nan used to love saying "it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt"

Staff Recognition Reward winner – Carlos Henao

Staff Recognition Reward – Carlos Henao

The confidence we have in our team members in superseded only by the pride we feel for them.

Nothing brings that home to us at CCM more than the praise our clients send to us helping us recognise individual’s achievements with our Recognition Rewards.
Here’s the nomination from CBRE, St James Square for Carlos Henao:

"Hi Vitor, As mentioned at our recent meeting.
I would like to recommend Carlos Henao for an award for his dedication to the site and willingness to assist beyond the call of duty.
I have been the building manager on site now for 6 1/2 years and have never known Carlos to be late come rain, snow or whatever the elements throw at him. At times I have to tell him to go home when he’s finished his shift. I have always said and maintain “Give me 100 Carlos Henao’s and I’ll rule the world”. He is a true asset to the building and is very popular with the site team and tenants.
Many thanks"

Well done Carlos and thank you for your dedication!

July 2016
Staff Recognition Reward winner - Jhefry Londano

Staff Recognition Reward - Jhefry

Nothing brightens our day more than when our clients have fabulous praise for our team members. Another winner of July’s Staff Recognition Reward is Jhefry Londano

Here is the email we received from Wework Waterhouse Square that earned him his nomination:

"Jhon, as per our discussion the other day - I wanted to write a note confirming what an amazing job Jhefry is doing.
He is seriously a huge value to CCM as a company - he is respectful to our members and us, VERY hard working, communicates very well, checks in regularly, and all-round just does a fabulous job.
We so appreciate him in this building - huge shout out for Jhefry.
Thanks so much!
Best wishes"

Congratulations Jhefry!
£50 of vouchers are on their way to you for your hard work and support.

Staff Training

Staff Training

At CCM we like to encourage self-improvement to all of our staff through training and understand that communicating across all levels is of vital importance.

Recognising that a large portion of our cleaning teams speak English as a second or third language, we provide advanced English language lessons at our Head Office once a week for our Account Managers to ensure we all communicate effectively, so well done to our management team.



Hard work and positivity always pays off at CCM as discovered by Jhefry Londono last month.

The nominating email from WeWork Southbank was filled with praise for him as detailed in their email below.

"We wanted to put Jhefry forward for the monthly CCM awards. Jhefry is always super positive and proactive and has been such a welcome addition to the team since before the Christmas holidays.
The members love him and I know he has been a massive help to Viki as she has on-boarded as supervisor.
He works diligently each day and is so polite and a joy to have as part of our extended team. He also does a great job of taking the reigns when she is on holiday. Please do consider him for the next awards!"

Keep up the good work Jhefry!



The team at WeWork has been mightily impressed with our Aldgate Tower team member Carlos Quintero.

Here’s their nomination email which led to him being a winner of last month’s Staff Recognition Awards.

"Hey Guys,
I hope you're all well and enjoying the crazy weather!!
I just wanted to send over a quick email of appreciation from me and the entire Aldgate team. Carlos is truly a member of the family here at Aldgate and I just want to send you an email to express how grateful we are on a daily basis to have him here.
Whenever there is a dull, sad or stressful moment here at Aldgate he is the one that always manages to cheer up the team and put a smile on our faces. Not only is he a true gentleman and an extremely kind hearted guy and absolutely hilarious too but he is an extremely hard worker. There is not one task he'll say no to (if we ever have to ask him in the first place!) and he always goes way beyond expectations.
He often works over time without batting an eyelash and I know he does not always tell you when he does this.
Members love him - during our town hall dinner the past evening we had more than one member comment on how good he is and how much he makes this place what it is.
I'm not sure what to expect from this email but I felt this to be necessary and long overdue.
Thank you for letting us keep him up to this point and please never take him away from us!!
See you all soon."

High praise indeed! Well done Carlos and keep up the amazing work!

June 2016


So the nation (or 17 Million of them) has voted to leave the EU. As a business that employs several hundred EU passport holders, we are very aware that this is a time of uncertainty for many people.

I personally value the contribution made to this company and to the country, as a whole, by hard working people from outside the UK. It is obvious that without those people, our national infrastructure would collapse.

To our EU colleagues I would say that very little will change now, or even in the short to mid-term. The only effect this decision can have is to future levels of immigration once the process of leaving the EU is complete. This could take a long time, and as a minimum will not happen for 2 years. My personal view is that the EU will only negotiate precious access to the single market if free movement of workers is allowed to continue.

So the clear message is: don’t panic. Life will go on as it has, and the politicians will continue to argue and fight for power whilst we all keep going to work.

Below, I have attached an item from the “migration watch” website which shows that there are international laws preventing the withdrawal of rights from people as a result of leaving the EU…

What would happen to UK citizens living in the EU – and EU citizens living in the UK – should British voters choose to leave the European Union?

8. The government’s paper 'The Process for Withdrawing from the European Union' argues that British citizens in the EU should not assume that rights acquired under free movement rules 'would be guaranteed' if the UK were to vote to leave the EU. However, in such a circumstance international law would guarantee the rights of Britons living and working in EU member states. Under a principle enshrined by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969, withdrawal from a treaty releases the parties from any future obligations to each other but does not affect any rights or obligations acquired under it before withdrawal. This is backed up by research conducted by the House of Commons Library [7].

9. In addition, any action to remove British citizens currently in EU member states would directly contravene Article 19 of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, under which collective expulsions are prohibited.[8] The collective expulsion of foreigners is also forbidden under protocol four of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article four of which reads: "Collective expulsion of aliens is prohibited."

Staff and clients paintballing

A day out with the client

We at CCM always like to show our respect and thanks to our clients and team members, so on Sunday 15th May we arranged for a fun day out paintballing for one of our multi-site clients and the cleaning team based across their sites.

Hosted by our Contract Manager for WeWork, Saulius Balbuckas, the group was split into 2 teams, purple and yellow, and went to mock-war with each other in the woods of Upminster.

The sun was shining and things got messy but in the end the yellow team claimed the victory whilst a great time was had by all.

A range of spill kits

Spill Kits

CCM Specialist & Compliance Services are able to offer a new "Universal" spill kit for all emergencies on site.

The kit is extremely comprehensive & is able to deal with the following emergencies:

  • Oil & Engine Oil spill
  • Fuel spill
  • Body Fluid spill (Vomit & blood)
  • Faeces
  • Sewage back up
  • Needles & Sharps

In conjunction with delivering the Universal Spill Kit, CCM are able to offer Spill Response training, on site or regionally.

Courses last 4 hours, include both theory & practical demonstrations & attendees are tested at the end of the course & given certification if they have achieved a certain level.

May 2016
Kevin Franco Torro receives his award

Staff Recognition Award – Kevin Franco Torro

Continuing with his impressive work, Kevin Franco has been awarded yet another Staff Recognition award. His hard work and dedication has prompted the following letter from our client’s client:

"I am writing to you today to express how impressed I am by Kevin Franco. Since my first day at WeWork Moorgate I have found Kevin to be a professional, friendly and responsive member of staff. He is incredibly hard working, very polite and extremely committed to his work. For example, a week ago we had our first workshop here at WeWork. It was quite a busy period and no one was around to help me set up the room. He saw me panicking and came over. He was calm, responsive and very helpful; he consulted with me as to how to set up the room to achieve what I wanted to. He then set up the room on his own very efficiently. The workshop was a huge success and we got more people in, comfortably, than I thought was possible.
Another example is when he was standing in for Danni as supervisor. When I witnessed him supervising the other staff he was firm, organised and efficient. He made sure that everything worked well and worked extremely hard to do so.
I cannot commend Kevin enough for the work he has done here at WeWork Moorgate and would suggest that he be earmarked for promotion when one becomes available. I have never seen a more hardworking, diligent member of support staff in any of the places I have previously worked."

Our client had this to add to the praise:

"Gentlemen, I wish to share with you an internal letter from one of our members reference a CCM employee.
This is one of the very best commendations I have ever read from a member to a service provider. Please congratulate him and invite him to keep this level of service up."

Thank you Kevin for continuing to make CCM proud!

Safety lanyards and harnesses

To all our high flyers…

This is a reminder of how important safety is for all of our high level window cleaning teams. It’s essential that everything you use from your squeegee to your phone is tethered to you and the lanyards and harnesses are checked thoroughly, along with the cradle.

Our Safety & Compliance Manager, Hector Hernandez has provided three quick and easy safety checks you can do daily to ensure your personal equipment is safe to use…

  1. Webbing should be checked thoroughly. There must be no evidence of fraying, tears, cuts, burns, mould, discolouration or chemical attack.
  2. Stitching - every stitch pattern should be examined carefully. There must be no evidence of broken stitches, loosening, pulling or cuts.
  3. All buckles and "D" rings (aka Buckles, Karabiners & Snap Hooks) must be totally free from rust, pitting, distortion, cracks or excessive wear. Moving parts such as sliding buckles should move freely.
Jose Marcial

Staff Recognition Award - Jose Marcial

Congratulations to Jose Marcial for earning a Staff Recognition Award recently for his hard work and dedication.

Jose was presented with a £50 voucher to show him our appreciation after he was nominated by a client with the following email…

"Good morning Ronald,
I hope you are well.
I just want to let you know that we as a company are very pleased with the quality of the service we have been providing so far.
I want to mention that Mr Jose Marcial has done a great job. We have been monitoring the jobs that have been made and we believe that we can notice the change.
Please keep in mind the excellent employee that you have at the moment in Mr Jose.

Well done Jose!
Estamos orgullosos de tenerlo!
(We are proud of you!)

Paula Cruz

New Members – Paula Cruz

Due to continually expanding our business CCM are growing our Operations Team to ensure that we continue to develop the service offering that we can bring to our clients…

With 10 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Paula Cruz joined CCM in the middle of March as an Account Manager for our current and future CBRE sites, a client with whom we have a long standing and successful relationship.

Paula will also be working in the West End, strengthening client relationships, building on our existing portfolio and providing support to our Key Account Manager, Vitor Bastos

Paula has 3 children aged 4, 21 and 23 so most of her spare time is spent with them but she also loves music and sleep.

Welcome to the CCM Team Paula!

Evaldas Biecius

New Members – Evaldas Biecius

Due to winning more and more contracts with a prestigious client we have had to hire a second Assistant Account Manager to ensure that we can continue to provide each of the properties with our first class service.

Evaldas Biecius joined the team at the beginning of March as an Assistant Account Manager, working exclusively on our Wework contracts.

Evaldas spent 3 years as a Personal Fitness Trainer before moving into the industry nearly 2 years ago. He has two boys aged 13 and 3 and is a football coach for 5-8 year olds in his spare time.

Welcome to the team Evaldas!

CBRE Wigmore & Duke

New Contract Win -
CBRE Wigmore & Duke

CCM has recently added three more buildings to our portfolio after winning yet another amazing new contract with CBRE.

CCM has worked with CBRE for over 25 years and has an excellent relationship with the teams there.

Work on 101 and 103 Wigmore Street, and 37 Duke Street is set to commence at the beginning of May with Vitor Bastos as the Key Account Manager.

Well done team!

James Douglas

Running for Hospice UK

Congratulations to James Douglas who works with the sales team for completing the London Marathon in the Amazing time of 3 hours and 37 minutes, an excellent time for his first marathon. Most importantly James raised over £2,000 which went towards Hospice UK a great cause and the money will benefit many people receiving end of life care. James endured a torn muscle in training and severe cramp in the last 4 miles of the race but still managed to finish.

Well done James

April 2016
Kevin Franco

Staff Recognition Award – Kevin Franco

Congratulations to Kevin Franco for earning a Staff Recognition award recently for his hard work and dedication. Kevin was nominated after a client of our client specifically singled him out with the following message:

I just wanted to give some positive feedback, as I know I can be quick to complain about room temperatures and lack of biscuits…
I think we have a new member of the cleaning staff on the 2nd floor and he is amazing!!! He pops into meeting rooms to check if we would like some water, he offers us chocolate biscuits in addition to the biscuits in the tin. He goes above and beyond. Myself and a couple of other team members have commented on this. He is great. Please pass this feedback onto the cleaning staff. We really appreciate the work they do."

Our client thankfully did pass this feedback onto us with an addition message for us…

I know I have told you before, but the team at Moorgate is truly amazing! I am so glad to share this feedback we received from a member. I thought you should know the great work they are doing."

Kevin was presented with a £50 voucher to show him our appreciation.
Keep up the good work Kevin!

Diana Gomez

Staff Recognition Award – Diana Gomez

An extra special thank you was given to Diana in the Staff Recognition Awards in the way of a £100 voucher after the following heart-warming email from a client:

I was called to Moor Place at 2:35 AM yesterday morning to help a colleague who was due to leave the UK 5 hrs later back to the USA. The call was to assist her in finding her wallet which she believed that she lost at Moor Place. In her wallet were her US Green Card, Cash, valuable bank cards and various other personal effects. My colleague was tearful that this would be a major inconvenience should she not find her wallet. With great confidence I was able to say that "if you did lose your wallet at Moor Place our cleaners would find it, log it and store in the mail room in a pre-agreed location", and there it was. Wallet was handed in by one of your cleaners to your supervisor on night duty. Your supervisor in turn left a note to confirm date, time and location where wallet was found with all valuables intact.
This is one of many examples this month alone from Rolex Watches found in washrooms, Gold earrings, phones, I pads to cash; all handed in.
I want to thank you and your staff for demonstrating this level of honesty daily in our community. It must be said that honesty and integrity is a vital part of any successful community and CCML demonstrate this daily."

CCM sets high standards for our staff and takes great pride in our employees’ levels of excellence not only in their skills but in their values and personalities too!

Thank you Diana for your honesty and integrity!

Claire Pope

New Members – Claire Pope

As part of CCM’s plans to expand the company and increase our collective experience and talent, we would like to say a warm welcome to Claire Pope who joined the Sales Team as a Business Development Manager in late February and will be business developing WC1 and WC2 and covering the West of London.

Claire has 13 years’ experience in Business Development, 10 of which are in the cleaning industry and has solely turned one of her previous companies into a multi-million pound turnover business.

Her hobbies include keeping up to date with current affairs, following her passion for music and dancing.

Welcome to the team Claire!

Austrine Vitkauskaites

Staff Recognition Reward – Austrine Vitkauskaites

Austrine has received another Staff Recognition Award after we received an email from the client praising not only Austrine’s excellent work but also her mood!

The client specifically said that Austrine was "the happiest person" they had ever worked with proving that a little smile can go a long way!

Well done Austrine for bringing your ray of sunshine to work with you!

Report a near miss

Health & Safety Corner

CCM has successfully achieved our objective of encouraging our managers to report any "near miss" accidents.

Historically people tend to hide from near misses, thinking thank goodness it didn’t happen to me, not reporting it for fear of sanction. However through Hector Hernandez, our Health and Safety Manager CCM has encouraged a culture of reporting near misses.

Well done to Hector and the Team.

March 2016

WeWork Sings CCM’s Praises

We love hearing great feedback from our clients on our staff and services. Here’s what WeWork had to say about the CCM team:

"Hi Jhon and Saulius!
I wanted to write up some feedback on our new porter Austrine. I have worked closely with her now since her start at Devonshire Square and I am very happy with her performance. She is very creative! Austrine always comes up with cool ideas like making ice tea on Fridays and buying special biscuits! She is an awesome member of the team and knows all the members as well as me!
I find her very fun to work with and I've never seen her get stressed even when we've had extremely tough deadlines and long hours. Just wanted to say how impressed both myself and Steve are with her level of service.
Thanks so much,
The WeWork Team"

Well done Austrine for your hard work and dedication!

Making life easier

CCM - Making Life easier

Everybody likes to be remembered, as one of our clients at WeWork so nicely put it in an email to our management team.

Carlos was rewarded with a £50 voucher for his excellent efforts.

Thank you Carlos, keep up the good work!

Emergency Response Service

Emergency Response Service - Flooding!

On the 16th December our Emergency Response Service, was called to deal with a flood, which had occurred at a client’s building in W1.

A pipe fitting had come loose & water cascaded down the stair well (9 floors) & into parts of the lift shafts.

CCM Emergency Response dealt with the flood, dried the areas in the lift shafts & installed a significant number of dehumidifiers & air movers, on each floor, to commence the drying out process.

CCM technicians then carried out weekly moisture readings, to monitor the drying out process.

The machines remained in place until the 18th January, when the areas were deemed to be dry & all equipment could be removed from site.

February 2016
Albie James Douglas

It’s a boy!

Congratulations are in order as James Douglas and wife Tina celebrated the birth of their son on February 23rd, weighing in at 8lb 11oz.

Welcome Albie James Douglas!

Lyndsey and the CCM team

Happy Birthday!

On Friday 19th February, the CCM team was out celebrating the birthday of Lyndsey Cobbing, our Windows & Specialist Cleaning Manager (she’s the one hiding at the back with the red hair).

Needless to say, fun was had by all and we all agree Lyndsey doesn’t look a day over 25!

Incisive Media email

Thanks from Incisive Media

In any long term relationship there can be challenges and changes.

We at CCM like to make sure we work closely with the clients to make sure that any challenges or changes are worked through with input from both sides to achieve a high level of client satisfaction. Incisive Media have been a client of ours for 4 years where we have supplied a variety of services so we were delighted to receive the above email praise from their Facilities Manager.

Winter vehicle emergency kit

BICSc Winter Driving Tips

TYRES – Check the tread wear and general condition of the tyres every week and the pressure more frequently than this to ensure your tyres have good grip and are correctly inflated.

LIGHTS – Make sure to check that all bulbs are working.

WIPERS – the last situation you want in driving rain or snow is to find that the wipers cannot clear your windscreen, check for cuts and build-up of grease and dirt.

FLUIDS - Ensure all fluids are topped up and use anti-freeze in the washer fluid.

WINDOWS - To keep the windscreen from misting up, soak a cloth in pure washing-up liquid then let it dry before wiping the cloth on the inside of the windows.

CHECK – route, speed, distance between vehicles

Our Operative Award winners

Operative Awards

Please meet Yamile Jaramillo (left) and Nataly Gomes (right) who are the winners of a recent Operatives Award for an amazing job at Veolia, including the immense coordination for the visit of the CEO and the press.
Other winners were:

  • Carlos and Team - For their quick response and emergency solving of the new build shower flood at Sea Containers YPM.
  • Anna for her hard work, nominated by Michael Hartery for Incisive Media
  • Yamiled, Nataly, Sara and Patricia for the smooth running of the Veolia Head Office VIP visit
  • Danguole for his dedication at the WeWork Moorgate site as emailed by Shelford Cupid
  • Fatoumata Sow Sene for her helpfulness and willingness to go the extra mile. Lissoune Ndiaye said “she has been very helpful over the past months and has worked very well within the team (always volunteering to work on weekend moves).”

Well done ladies and gentlemen and thank you for your outstanding contributions to the team!

January 2016
Baby Oliver

It’s a boy!

Congratulations are in order as Andres Carabali and family celebrate the birth of his son. Welcome Oliver Arles Carabali Martinez!


Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

After a detailed energy assessment, CCM is now compliant with ESOS Regulations 2014. The ESOS audit was undertaken by our Risk Management Co-ordinator, Hector Hernandez, signed off by CCM’s Managing Director, Greg Doherty, and consists of our car fuel usage and electricity consumption from CCM’s only office.

CCM has benefited greatly from this audit, as it has now stablished an energy consumption monitoring system or framework. We plan to continue to closely monitor our consumption trends and reduce our energy usage.

Wider Wallet holiday offer

Win a FREE holiday

Our staff benefits include Wider Wallet which, along with providing numerous discounts on a wide range of goods, activities and services, are also giving our registered team members a chance to win 2 amazing prices!

  • A free 7 night holiday for four
  • £100 SuperBreak voucher

CCM team members can enter buy going to

Good luck!

Fernando Olario and Alex Clarke, Victoria Place Shopping Centre Manager

Pollution Management Training at Victoria Place Shopping Centre

As part of our rollout of specialist spill training services to Savills, spill training has now been completed at the Victoria Place Shopping Centre by the CCM Team.

Shift leaders will complete Train the Trainer training in January to allow them to train all other team members. Alex Clark - Centre Manager, is very happy with the levels of training provided to and for CCM staff.

Photo shows Fernando Olario being presented with his Pollution Management Spill certificate by Alex Clarke, Victoria Place Shopping Centre Manager

Hector Hernandez

The Health & Safety Spot

At CCM we are always looking for ways to expand and improve our company wide skill set and as such are very pleased to share Hector Hernandez’s success in achieving his NEBOSH National General Certificate, the most widely held Occupational Health & Safety qualification in the UK!

Due to Hector’s continued hard work and self-improvement, he has now been promoted to Safety & Compliance Manager! Well done Hector!

(NEBOSH qualifications are recognised by the relevant professional membership bodies including the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

NEBOSH is an awarding body approved by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation, maintains Investors in People (IIP) status and is also an ISO 9001:2008 registered organisation.)

Dosing Systems

CCM specialist services’ answer to fat

Did you know that our team in the CCM Specialist & Compliance Services can advise & install the following systems to clean commercial and industrial kitchens?

For smaller sites a Biological Dosing System will dispense regular amounts of “Fat Digester” into the clients system, breaking down grease, fat & oil deposits, reducing the frequency of emptying “Grease Traps”.

For the larger sites Biological Grease Recovery Units can be fitted to facilities that produce higher quantities of grease, fat & oil due to a higher volume of cooking.

The recovery unit separates waste foods into one chamber and grease, fats & oil into another before breaking them down.

Both systems are very effective in reducing maintenance costs & keeping pipes & drains clear.

For more information & to arrange an assessment of your facility, please contact CCM Specialist & Compliance services.

Dosing Systems
CHAS 2016

A Safer Place to Work

CCM are pleased to confirm that we have just been confirmed compliant to the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) for another year.

Well done to Robert and Hector for their efforts in ensuring that CCM remain at the forefront of the industry in providing a safe working environment.

Click here to view our latest CHAS Certificate of Accreditiation

December 2015
Bubba Gump restaurant

Run Forest Run

After developing a relationship with a Middle Eastern investments company, CCM have become the trusted supplier of specialist kitchen cleaning and daily restaurant cleaning services for the companies catering division. CCM are now pleased to announce that we have been awarded the contract for Bubba Gump’s flagship American chain restaurant, based at Piccadilly.

Starting in December in time for the Christmas rush, we would like to take a moment to say a big thank you and well done to the team involved in making it happen.

We look forward to our new challenge.

Auto Time

A Safer Way of Working

CCM are leading the way in utilising technology to ensure the safety of our lone working team members. Working with Auto Time we are rolling out the use of electronic time keeping systems through all of our contracts.

Using either telephone dial in systems or hand scanners on larger sites we are able to log shift patterns to ensure that lone workers always leave sites safely at the end of their shifts.

Wider Wallet icon

Christmas Offers

As part of the Wider Wallet programme all of our staff can benefit from exclusive discounts on a wide range of goods from Apple to Sainsbury’s and what is even better is, it’s free, it doesn’t cost anything for you to take advantage of the great offers that are available. Speak to your manager for more information.

November 2015
A green Fleet

A green fleet

CCM is reinforcing its commitment to ISO 14001 by reviewing the vehicle fleet it operates through the City. We are investing in the next generation of plug in Hybrid cars for our teams to do our bit for reducing London’s emissions, the next 4 replacement vehicles will arrive early in 2016.

DHL logo

New DHL win

CCM Specialist & Compliance Services, has won a National contract with DHL on behalf of Virgin Trains, at DHL’s Food Processing Centres, on stations between London Euston & Glasgow.

The contract is to provide Deep Cleaning, Sterilisation & Swab Testing Services on a programmed basis. This is the first contract, of which CCM Specialist & Compliance Services, hope will be many ventures, within the Transport sector.

James in training to run the London Marathon in April 2016

Making the Distance

Most of us know, James likes his fitness challenges and this year he has signed up to a golden bond placement with Hospice UK to run the London Marathon in April 2016. This is in memory of his Nan who sadly passed away this year and was an advocate of hospice charities. James needs to raise £2,000 for his placement and would welcome any donations, big or small.

CCM has helped him on the way with a £500 donation, if you would like to help James on his way the please follow the link below to make donations

Sarah and John at a networking event

Sasha and John at the networking event

On October 20th, Sasha and John were out networking in style at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Sloane Square at the FM Inspired conference where they got to see inspirational speakers such as Jas Hawker, the leader of the Red Arrows and Ian Livingstone, the Co-founder of Games Workshop and man behind the launch of Dungeons & Dragons!

With awesome food, free champagne, a charity raffle and 100’s of company FM representatives present, this was definitely not just another day at the office.

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015

A Coffee with friends

CCM were proud to support MacMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning helping our client at 1 Finsbury Circus to raise over £450 towards this great charity. Well done and a big thank you to all who attended.

So far Macmillan has raised nearly £900,000 throughout the UK.

October 2015
Carlos Cabral

Carlos Cabral

Carlos has joined CCM as a Key Account Manager, following a successful career in the cleaning industry, working as a National Account Manager.

He will look after CBRE sites, and ensures staffs have all they need to provide the best support to our clients and avoid issues.

Carlos says "I am very excited with this opportunity, and I look forward to building up the relationships with all CCM staff, motivate them and help them to understand the meaning of 'TEAM', as well as building lasting healthy relationships with my clients."

Carlos lives in London and in his Spare time, Carlos enjoys Cooking, Travelling, Photography and Tai Chi

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you….

Our cleaning teams are often unseen as the invisible force that magically ensures the bins are empty and the toilets are clean, so it’s nice to be able to give a well-deserved thank you to some of our deserving team members.

  • El Haldji Niang – Anchor Trust
  • Constanza Salazar – MOS, 3 Sheldon Square
  • Edgard & Sylvie – Sthree
  • Aching Gavira Rocio – Sthree
  • Esquivel Fernandez Pedro – Sthree
  • Luz & Joyce – Abu Dhabi Investments

These team members all received gift vouchers as a thank you for their efforts and had been nominated by our clients for special recognition.

Once again a big thank you to all of our teams.

The CCML staff BBQ

Thank you to the team

At the end of September our offices played host to the annual CCM Staff BBQ. All of our cleaners, Supervisors and Managers are invited to the day, which on this occasion spilled on into a very enjoyable late summer evening. The event was hosted by Alastair Fox, CEO along with the rest of the Management Team.

The evening was a great opportunity for all the team to let their hair down and enjoy good food, company and a drink together.

Emergency Response services

Enhanced Emergency Response services

CCM Specialist & Compliance Services are pleased to announce that we have enhanced our overall Emergency Response services to our registered clients, to include such services, allied to any emergency call out, these include:

  • Drain Jetting & CCTV surveys
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Gas Repairs
  • Carpentry & Boarding up
  • Ceiling Fixing
  • Decorating

All trades are fully qualified & are Safe Contractor certified.
By offering the above services, as an extension to CCM Specialist & Compliance’s Emergency Response, we are now able to offer our clients, a complete & all round package, to negate or minimise any business disruption, after an unexpected emergency.

September 2015
The Rubbermaid Pulse system

An easier way of cleaning

CCM are leading the way in the cleaning industry with innovative new Rubbermaid Pulse Mopping equipment. Made from the industry’s finest materials, this device offers an on board reservoir worn as a backpack by the user with a controlled release of the cleaning solution. This means not only the reduction of costs, but superior and more efficient cleaning results!

This innovation is perfect for stair cleaning and when used with a pulse allows 820m2 of floor cleaning. A backpack with a 5L reservoir for use with a Pulse Mop provides non-stop mopping without the requirements of a bucket. Simple and easy to use, it’s a must have for the most efficient cleaning yet!

August 2015
Mike Burns

A Warm Welcome to Mike

Mike has joined CCM after gaining a wealth of experience over the last 25 years in the cleaning industry, Mike has taken the helm of the operations team to ensure the continued delivery of service excellence synonymous with the CCM brand.

Mike began his career in 1992 as a cleaning operative on the Broadgate Estates complex, for Lancaster Cleaning. Gradually working his way up through the ranks of the company Mike became an Operations Director looking after major blue chip companies with a focus within the financial sector.

Mike is a dedicated hardworking and loyal individual and who feels that his personal work ethic and passion for this industry will partner well with CCM’s own values and mission. Mike said "I’m very much looking forward to the challenge ahead, I believe that I have a lot to offer CCM’s clients and working with such a well-established brand will be a pleasure." Welcome on Board, Mike!

Charity update

Charity Update

Following the news this month, that the charity kids Company has closed; we are currently looking for alternative organisations to work with.

CCM has supported Kids Company for a number of years through direct donations, and their corporate volunteering program.

It was a privilege to be a small part of the vital work they did in supporting vulnerable children

If you are a Charity, looking for Corporate Volunteers, please contact us via

July 2015
Jorge Grisales

By Jorge, we did it!

We would like to thank the operations team for their support on this project over the last 8 months, especially to Jorge Grisales, who has been instrumental in the mobilisation and has built strong client relationships at all four Wework sites.

Jorge has worked hard to find suitable staff and meet the high standards expected at Wework. His efforts have further strengthened our partnership with Wework, and will hopefully aid us in securing new sites.

Our new website

What a site to see!

Our brand spanking new Website has arrived!

Launched on the 1st of July, the new platform has a clean, fresh and elegant look and feel to it. Easy navigation from page to page, and an insight to who we are and the value proposition that we offer to our esteemed clients. We have considered the end user experience to ensure that all tabs are clearly laid out ensuring that your experience on our website is both informative and enjoyable.

There are links to our Social Media that keeps you up to date with our developments so please feel free to subscribe!

June 2015

Give us Moor

CCM have recently won new business with Wework!

Wework are an office space company based in USA. They are a premium brand within the office rental space, for entrepreneurs and new start up businesses who want a London city address.

We started with two floors in sea containers house back in October 2014, and have since developed our relationship with Wework and we now have 4 sites with plans for 20 sites over the next 12 months.

Wework is now one of our largest contracts and we have invested in a dedicated contract manager who starts in July. The new site is at Moor place, in Moorgate, occupying 8 floors. This is a new very prestigious building within the city, and we are glad to have the opportunity to continue working with Wework and developing our relationship with them.

CCM staff during a Kids Company outing

Drowning in smiles!

Here at CCM, we are invested in supporting charities with a hands on approach. We are currently working closely with a charity called “Kids Company” who assists children from deprived backgrounds, by providing practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children.

This year CCM were pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor and attend an outing at the LONDON SEA LIFE AQUARIUM, where there was a lot of fun had by all.

To find out more about this great Charity, please visit

CCM's courtyard area

We're in bloom!

CCM have recently updated our courtyard by installing a fabulous living wall! With its ferocious burgundy bloom and spring green hues, it is perfect for the nearing summer months! Additionally we have added chairs so our staff and clients can enjoy the great out doors , whilst in our company also.

If you are ever in the area and are in need of a drink, a brew or even a information gathering conversation, we have the best space in which to entertain you

Cleaner of the Month for May - Anna

Credit where credit's due

Anna has proved to be a model employee, and not by our own grading, but indeed one of our clients! Anna who currently services our client - INCISIVE MEDIA’s high spec open plan offices in Central London, has been described as “Delightful, friendly and a real pleasure” setting standards high and being a great reflection of the CCM company ethos Incisive were so drawn by her professional manner that they submitted her to be considered for employee of the month. With an outstanding review, Anna clearly stood head and shoulders above the rest and it is with great pleasure that we award her Employee of the month for May 2015 Well done to Anna, a great example of professionalism at work.


Saving Precious Water!

At our new contract at the George Yard Shopping Centre, Karcher have demonstrated CCM’s new scrubber drier with cylinder drums being used on site.

The machine can be programmed for each user with separate keys and reduces the volume of water required for cleaning. We also offered this as an innovative solution as the client was concerned about the erosion of sand under the stone by continued jet washing.


Career Progression!

After a virtual career lifetime, Glenford Senior has chosen to leave Cushman & Wakefield at Buckingham Palace Road to start a new project and contract mobilisation at Criterion. Glenford is coy about how long he has been on site but having seen the building open some 20 + years ago, we think he deserved the Cushman & Wakefield client gift voucher of £50 and a similar contribution from Team CCM locally!

We all wish Glenford great success in his new challenges in the future.

Hector Hernandez, our new Risk Management Co-ordinator

Welcome back Hector!

Hector Hernandez moved on from the company in 2011, where he was an area Manager to finish his studies, and has graced us once more as our new Risk Management Co-ordinator.

“I am happy to be back at CCM, I appreciate the friendly atmosphere, the working environment and the daily challenges of the cleaning industry inspire me”

Our new offices

CCM’s Fabulous New Offices!

Welcome to our first News Briefing for 2014!

We are very pleased to announce our successful move to Central London that has brought our Head Office much closer to our client base. Beautifully designed, colour co-ordinated offices enhance a modern working environment that has everyone buzzing with excitement!

Come visit us for tea or coffee and chat with us about anything you wish or please contact us anytime at and include your name and email address.

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