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Monitoring, managing and minimising our environmental impact

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CCM ensure that we both manage and monitor the environmental impact each of our contracts, and drive to reduce it year on year

Contract Cleaning & Maintenance has a great deal of experience in the management of the delivery of sustainable environmental solutions.

Carbon Footprint

As an increasingly vital element of CCM’s entire environmental and sustainability policy, we constantly seek to reduce the carbon footprint of all our staff and all operations carried out that would ultimately impact the environment.

Whilst all reputable companies would hold ISO 14001 accreditation, the next level of environmental awareness has to be the production of site specific carbon audits and the implementation of a strategy to reduce the carbon impact on a continual basis

Carbon Trust Standard

CCM is actively working towards achieving the Carbon Trust Standard in line with our ISO 14001 accreditation and the following targets have been set in this regard:

  • Provision of an accurate footprint measurement including all required emission sources.
  • Demonstration of an absolute reduction of your footprint or equivalent relative efficiency improvement.

Demonstration of good carbon management to our standard including carbon governance, accounting, reduction methods and targets.

These measures will require active monitoring and working to reduce all factors under the control of CCM as well as taking into account:

  • Operative Travel Modes to site
  • Equipment and Materials used (full microfibre cleaning systems and 3 core chemicals on the managed sites)
  • Subcontractors – Working Methods and Supply Chain
  • Shift Patterns and the Effective use of Energy
  • Increased Use of Electronic Systems to reduce dependency on paper
  • Monitoring of Vehicles and Implementation of a Hybrid and Electric vehicle fleet
  • The Reduction of Washroom Consumables, in particular paper towels.

In summary, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we both promote and deliver the most environmentally and sustainable package of services to each of location in the portfolio whether large or small. This promise is backed up with a fully auditable system ensuring that our clients are at the leading edge of Carbon Management for their cleaning and associated services package.

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